MHI Variable Refrigerant
  Flow Systems (VRV)



Suvidha proudly introduces the KX series of VRF inverter multisystem from the world leaders : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan.

KXZ represents the pinnacle of MHI's research and development of commercial air conditioning systems, with over 80 years of refrigeration engineering heritage, KXZ achieves the highest levels of efficiency and reliability through intelligent design.

Industry leading energy efficiency:

The co-efficient of performance (COP) across the KXZ range ensures reduced running costs and reduced environment impact:
Several radical design changes and engineering development have brought about this vast improvement of efficiency.

Utilising Refrigerant R410A

Compressor design

The industry longest pipe length

DC inverter on each compressor Industry leading energy efficiency

For further and other pertinent information on VRVs.
For more information you may visit www.mhi.co.jp

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